Now that 2017 is in full swing, we wanted to share our resolutions for the year and remind you that we can help with your “get healthy” resolution. Our resolution to stay engaged starts with this post, and we will continue to bring you interesting facts, fun photos and campaigns, and updates on the practice throughout the year. 

In the coming weeks, we will be introducing you to a few new members of our team, spotlighting the staff members you already know and updating you on some upcoming exciting changes in our practice, including a name change and some new services we offer. 

I’ll start with my personal update. My children are growing like weeds. Emma just turned 12 and starting to play club volleyball. I am not coaching her team, so this year I get to focus on being a parent, making it my goal to be the best parent a coach could ask for! Mabel is 17 months old, and is a little chatterbox. We can’t always understand what she says, but she’s got a lot to say! We spent Christmas and New Year’s on the east coast with my husband Bill’s family, where the kids got to hang out with their cousins and their Nonna, and we got to relax and take it easy for a bit! 

This year, my resolution revolves around inspiration. I want to be inspired by people around me and to inspire others. I will try to learn something from everyone I meet and to share my talents and skills with others to inspire them. I resolve to be a good boss to my team by showing appreciation and giving them opportunities to broaden their learning and skills.

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