Veronica always knew she wanted to work in a career where she was making a difference in people’s lives and at Dr. Loller’s office she’s able to that every single day. Someone leaving with a fully restored smile, and helping a patient achieve a good night’s rest or just seeing someone get out of pain makes her day worthwhile. She started here when her son, Leon who was only 2 years old at the time and this year he will be turning 10, in many ways he has grown up with the ladies here. Veronica is the glue that keeps this office together and makes sure we are on our game as well as enjoying the process. 

One of her favorite things about working here is that everybody has developed relationships with one another as well as with our patients. She enjoys seeing a familiar face walk in and being able to catch up where their last conversation left off. Her primary responsibility is taking care of our patients’ needs at the front desk from insurance to billing questions, she takes pride in knowing she can help with any situation that is asked of her. She exudes great joy from waking up each day and coming into work knowing that she is going to be interacting with the patients and helping them achieve their dental goals while sitting next to her sister, Cecilia throughout the day. A work day here barely feels like work for her at all. 

When she’s not at the office, she is usually off to extracurricular activities with Leon; from dance to the theatre he keeps their family busy! Veronica would definitely say that her favorite role is being Leon’s Mom. She’s been married to her best friend Marcos for over 10 years and enjoys going on new adventures with him every chance they get. She has grown up to be very family oriented and loves spending time with her extended family whether they are taking a vacation or watching the latest award show. To her, a family is everything and she brings that family dynamic to the office. Having Veronica at the front desk is like getting your daily dose of Vitamin D for the day when you walk in. She is full of sunshine and positivity. Just ask anyone who calls in and they will tell you that just talking to her on the phone makes their day.

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