Tongue Tie Release - Adults

Tongue Tie Release - Adults

A frenum is a group of muscular tissues that adjoins any other pair of tissues together. Its main purpose is to allow restricted movement.  A typical set of tissues are found inside the mouth, one that connects the upper and lower lips, and another that connects the tongue to the surface of the mouth. Tongue-tie or Ankyloglossia is a condition where, the connective tissues just beneath the tongue causes abnormal restriction to the movement of the tongue. Tongue-tie is generally identified in children and infants.

What are the complications of Ankyloglossia in adults?

Ankyloglossia is generally notified during infantry stage. Adults experience more discomfort and irritability when the condition prolongs and is left untreated. The complications of the condition is that it can lead to:

  • Overcrowding of the teeth.
  • Narrowing of the teeth.
  • Difficulty in speech.
  • Difficulty in chewing.
  • Increases risk of sleep apnea and TMJ.

How can tongue-ties be treated?

Tongue-ties can be treated with the help of a Frenectomy surgery or with the help of a laser procedure. A frenectomy involves revision of the frenum tissues of the upper lip, lower tip, and underneath the tongue to allow freedom in mobility. 

A frenectomy surgery would involve Labial frenectomy of the upper lip, Labial frenectomy of the lower lip, and Lingual frenectomy.

  • Labial Frenectomy of upper lip addresses issues of the tissues that connects the upper lip to the mouth.
  • Labial Frenectomy of the lower lip will help revise tissues that connect the lower lip to the mouth.
  • Lingual Frenectomy will help to revise the band of tissues that connect the tongue to the surface of the mouth.

In case of a surgery, a local anesthesia is administered and the procedure is not complicated. The duration of recovery is minimal.

What are the results of a Frenectomy?

Revision of the Frenum tissues of the mouth is considered when it causes a restriction in mobility and starts to hinder normal functions of the mouth. A Frenectomy can help improve one’s speech, reduces pain, allow patients to chew and sip.


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