What is Physiologic Orthodontics?

Physiologic Orthodontics is a revolutionary approach to straighten the teeth while adapting the bones of the face to their full genetic potential. Physiologic Orthodontics moves your teeth and stimulates your facial bones to create a healthy airway, straight teeth, and full jaw function. No more extracting teeth. No more weak chins. No more TMJ caused by traditional orthodontics. No more risk of sleep apnea. All without surgery. And treatment can be done at any age!
Our orthodontic approach focuses on the entire face, not just the teeth. Physiologic orthodontics makes it possible to straighten the teeth and reduce the risk of sleep apnea and TMJ pain later in life. We can achieve beautiful cosmetic results while growing the facial structure to its full genetic potential. It’s possible for your orthodontic treatment to maximize the healthy facial structure nature intended!

Phase I: Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance (AGGA)

The Fixed Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance is the first phase of a two-phase orthodontic treatment. It is best suited for adults and kids over the age of 10 who have narrow or retruded jaws, crowded or misaligned teeth, deep bites, and underbites.
The appliance fits comfortably in the roof of the mouth while allowing the tongue adequate space to rest comfortably. It applies gentle forces on the bones and teeth to stimulate growth in the upper jaw (maxilla).

This appliance will develop the upper jaw three-dimensionally over time through bony remodeling. It will help eliminate jaw cants & torques, gummy smiles, and narrow jaws, all while having a positive effect on the airway, jaw joints (TMJ), and facial profile.
This appliance will remain in place for approximately 4-8 months for kids and 6-8 months for adults, depending on how much jaw development is needed. Monthly visits will be made to adjust the appliance. Spaces will appear behind the canine teeth during the use of the appliance. Upon the completion of this phase, braces will be placed on the upper and lower teeth. 

Fixed-Removable Lingual Arch (FRLA)

The FRLA is a fixed appliance worn around the 1st molars of the lower jaw. It serves as a space and arch maintainer during phase I & II of treatment. Composite pads will be bonded to the lower molars to open the bite and allow the jaw to freely move as it remodels. 

Myofunctional Therapy

Myofunctional therapy exercises are also given as part of comprehensive orthodontic treatment. The purpose is to strengthen the muscles of the lips, tongue, & jaws for proper functioning with proven exercises & techniques. Myofunctional therapy is indicated as an adjunct to allow for more rapid orthodontic treatment and better long-term stability of the results. Patient compliance with the myofunctional exercises is critical to the treatment. 

Phase II: Controlled Arch (Braces)

Braces will be placed on the upper and lower teeth after completion of the growth appliance phase. During this phase, the spaces that will have formed during the first phase will be closed by moving the posterior teeth forward, and the teeth will be straightened. The FRLA appliance will also be placed on the upper jaw to maintain arch width & provide stability. This phase takes around 12-15 months.


Retainers will need to be worn every day once the braces are removed to provide adequate retention of the teeth. Eventually, patients can switch to nighttime wear only per the recommendation of their dentist. 

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