Epigenetic Orthodontics

Epigenetic Orthodontics

Epigenetic Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that is dedicated to providing patients with non-surgical means to correct any irregularity in the appearance of their facial symmetry, alter and correct improper bite, and narrow palates of the mouth. 

Years of research had stated that any kind of craniofacial developments could only be altered and corrected with the help of surgery. However, Epigenetic Orthodontics is here to change that.

What are the benefits of Epigenetic Orthodontics?

As this field of dentistry allows non-surgical means to rectify craniofacial discrepancies, there are several benefits of Epigenetic Orthodontics.

  • Epigenetic Orthodontics allows non-surgical alternatives for a facelift and treats TMD.
  • Improved methods to develop one’s sinus and facial appearance.
  • It allows creating a broader smile.
  • It helps to curb and treat sleep apnea.
  • It will help to correct any malocclusions.
  • Any type of palate adjustments can be done in both adults and children.

How does Epigenetic Orthodontics work?

Several years of practice and research has led scientists to gather an awakening in dentistry. It seems that any kind of craniofacial alteration that had occurred during the growth of the teeth can now be rectified with Epigenetic Orthodontics. The science behind this lies in the fact that a patient’s genes can be stimulated to change the current biological structure of the teeth. As the genes get optimized it will allow to correct and straighten the teeth without the use of wires or brackets.

Treatment will involve using the latest orthodontic-orthopedic-pneumopedic Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance. These appliances are advised to be worn in a manner similar to removable orthodontic retainers while the patient rests. By using these appliances we can enhance the patient’s dental health, while also improving facial aesthetics.


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